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bail bonds alhambra ca


What is a Bail Bond?

A Bail Bond is a bond that someone may purchase for the purpose of posting bail for a jail inmate. A bail bond is issued by a bail bonds agency and is normally secured by a promissory note. The cost of the bond is a set percentage of the face value.

How can I pay for a bail bond for Alhambra city jail?

With Sunrise Bail Bonds you may pay for your bond with cash, card or check. In case the funds to pay for the bonds are not immediately available, we may arrange payment plan to pay for the bond.

Do you charge interest rate on payment plans?

No, Sunrise Bail Bonds don’t charge interest rate on payment arrangements, and neither adds on any fees or charges other than the cost of the bond.

What is a felony?

A felony is a degree of a crime that is usually higher in level than infractions or misdemeanor. Felonies are generally punished more severely than other types of crimes.

What is a misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a lesser degree of crime, such as major traffic violations or minor moral crimes. Misdemeanor cases usually carry a lesser punishment that felonies.

What do I do if I miss my court date?

If you miss your court date, the court will automatically issue a bench warrant for you. You will need to immediately contact your bail bondsman, who on his part will provide you with the proper re-assumption paperwork needed to recall the warrant and reinstate the bond so you may remain free for the duration of the case. You will be asked to return to court with the paperwork as soon as possible.

How do I qualify for Alhambra jail bail bond?

With Sunrise Bail Bonds Alhambra, it is fairly easy to get approved for a bail bond. We simply do not turn people down for bail.You will have to come in and fill up a bail bond application, or call our customer support team to take an application over the phone. You or the defendant will have to agree to sign responsibility and promise that the defendant will show up to court until the court case is resolved.

What is collateral?

Collateral is an asset used to secure the execution of a bail bond. Asset can simply be anything of value. It also maybe a promissory note signed by the defendant and/or a family member. It can also be a title to a vehicle, or even a trust deed of a property.

How long do you hold collateral for?

Collateral is held for the duration of the case, or until payment plans are satisfied. You will receive your collateral back within 14 days of the end of the case.

What if I have more questions?

Sunrise Bail Bonds has agents ready to answer all the questions you may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please free to call us at (626) 457-8710 and a live agent will immediately answer your concerns.

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