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sunrise bail bonds alhambra


With a total space of 7.6 Square miles, Alhambra is nestled about 8 miles east from downtown Los Angles, in the western region of The San Gabriel Valley. Bordered by South Pasadena and San Marino to the north, San Gabriel to the east, Monterey Park to the south and the districts of Monterey Hills and El Sereno to the west, and with the 10 freeway passing right through it, Alhambra is the home to nearly 83,000 people. With 47% of the population being from Asian descent, the city features many business and attractions with relation to the popular Asian community of the town.



Weekends in Alhambra are loud and fun with several night lounges and bars opening late to accommodate the younger crowd coming from Alhambra and the surrounding cities. The center of the city revolves around Garfield Ave and Main.



The Alhambra city policies encourage the local police department to not tolerate criminal activities, including driving violations. If you happen to be out on the town and decided to throw back a couple of drinks, make sure to hire a taxi home or assign a designated driver.



The Alhambra City hall and business center is where you will have to go for city permits, business license inquiries and to find more about the city’s unique municipal codes. Information by Sunrise Bail Bonds Alhambra.

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