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Alhambra Bail Bonds

dog owners, did you know you had been breaking the law by bringing your four-legged friends to city parks? The parks have signs posted with the silhouette of a dog encircled in red with the proverbial line slashed through it. Residents have either willfully or accidentally ignored them. There are a lot of dogs in the parks already. We’re recognizing that dogs play an important part in people’s families. The ordinance — which still need to come back for a second vote — would allow dogs on leashes no longer than 6 feet, pool, enclosed ball field, tennis or basketball court, gymnasium, playground or golf course. Monterey Park all of the cities surrounding Alhambra — Arcadia, Pasadena, Rosemead, San Gabriel, San Marino, South Pasadena and Temple City — allow dogs in their parks, according to a staff report. To help keep the parks clear of dog waste, the city plans to install 40 dog waste bag dispensers around its parks, Alhambra Community Services Director Chris Paulson said. He did say the city budget could fund them while he didn’t offer a cost estimate for the installation and stocking of doggy bags. This is going to impact Alhambra Park with more activities.. “You’ve added fitness equipment. You need to have someone there monitoring what’s going on in the parks.” Several council members responded that residents were consulted via a survey completed in December. 242 were in favor of allowing dogs on leashes in city parks of the 490 respondents. City code enforcement must be diligent in citing those who break the new rules to show there will be consequences for lawbreakers.“We don’t want people to get used to coming in and doing whatever they want.. The ordinance will return to the council for a second reading and final approval at a future meeting.

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