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Man Found Unconscious In Running Car

Alhambra Police responded to a report a man passed out in a car in front of a convenience store early Wednesday ended up finding large amounts of dregs, cash, and a handgun in his car. The man found unconscious in his running car was identified as Eric Lin, 22 and he was ultimately arrested after what the police found in his vehicle. The charge against the suspect is for possession of drugs for sales and took him to a hospital for a medical examination. The paramedics were the first at the scene and pulled Mr. Lin out of the car to treat him for an apparent medical emergency. The paramedics then summoned police after finding a bag containing nearly six grams of powdered Ecstasy in the car. Police confiscated the bag as evidence and searched his car, finding a bunch of cash and a handgun locked in the car’s trunk. After being checked our at a hospital, Lin was booked into the Alhambra Police Department jail, according to police in charge of the investigation. Lin will be held on thirty thousand dollars bail pending his initial court appearance, which is scheduled for Monday at the Alhambra Superior Court.

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