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Two People One Decision

The race to represent the San Gabriel Valley in Congress has come down to two people, Congresswoman Judy Chu and Jack Orswell. Both candidates had interviews with the Alhambra Source and talked about the difference they could make in the city of Alhambra and the San Gabriel Valley.

Judy Chu was elected to represent the San Gabriel Valley in 2009 and is fighting for re-election against former FBI agent and small business owner, Jack Orswell. Chu promises to create a long-lasting impact on the city of Alhambra as well as the San Gabriel Valley. The Alhambra Source talked to Chu about the San Gabriel Mountains and the overdevelopment problem in the region.

Chu stated that the proudest moment of her congressional career was establishing the San Gabriel Mountains as a national monument. Chu talked to the Alhambra Source about how she plans to impact the San Gabriel Valley in a positive way. She talks about how her designation will help free up the newly established national monument of graffiti and to make the trails safer. Her focus is not just on the preservation of the San Gabriel Mountains, but Chu also talked about the residents of Alhambra’s concern about the overdevelopment of their beautiful city.

Chu agrees with residents stating that there needs to be a balance between growth and preservation of quality of life. She quoted her involvement in the passing of a code in Monterey Park to lower density and higher standards for building. Chu assures voters that she will bring her over 30 years of congressional experience to this city and will make sure to create a long-lasting impact on the residents of this city as well as the entire San Gabriel Valley. Chu’s opponent, Jack Orswell is running on a different slogan in order to reach the voters a different way.

Orswell assures residents that he will be their representative and not a politician. The former FBI agent answered a few questions for the Alhambra Source and they brought up his former running against Judy Chu in 2012. Orswell claims that the reason he ran in 2012 was because he was concerned about the future of his kids and grandkids and that is the same reason he is running again. Orswell shows the example that this time there will be less voters compared to the election in 2012, which he says was due to the presidential election. He says that there will be a bigger percentage of well informed voters who are paying more attenuation to the differences between him and Chu. When asked the same question about the overdevelopment of the city of Alhambra, Orswell blamed it on the increase of apartment infrastructures with the increase in transportation to handle the growth of population.

Orswell promises voters that he will not represent the San Gabriel Valley as a politician, but as a resident of each and every city. He assures voters that he will make sure that the people’s voice will be heard in every decision made on their behalf. These two candidates for the U.S. Congress are both qualified for the job, but Chu does have the upper hand due to her experience in Congress. However, some voters feel that it is time for a fresh face to represent their needs as a community.

It is uncertain how this vote will turn out in November, but it is certain that this election will be a close one. For more information on either of the candidates in the election and where they stand on the issues, then you could visit the Alhambra Source for more details about their interviews or either of the candidate’s websites. Blog by Sunrise Bail Bonds.

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