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Two Men Arrested In Connection With String of Robberies

This past Tuesday, two men were arrested in the city of Monterey Park in connection with a robbery that occurred at an Alhambra bank. According to Alhambra police, the two men robbed a customer at a local Alhambra bank, but were only able to get pieces of money as well as checks. The victim had the other pieces of the money and checks and called the police immediately. Later that day there was a second robbery at a Monterey Park bank. This time one of the suspects remained in the car while the other one went inside of the bank. Just as in the Alhambra robbery, the suspect tried to rob a customer, but was not able to get anything from her. The police stated that the lady had five thousand dollars in her possession at the time of the robbery and was not missing anything. The two men were spotted in the getaway car and were pulled over at Pomona Boulevard and Isabella Avenue. The arresting officer found pieces of money in the possession of the gentlemen and they matched the description of the suspects involved in the two robberies. The Alhambra police matched the pieces of money found in the suspect’s car with the pieces of money that the first victim still had. The two were then taken into custody and are awaiting trial at the Alhambra jail. Police are reminding everyone that you must always be cautious of your surroundings and to never walk around with large amounts of money in your possession. Blog by Sunrise Bail Bonds Alhambra.


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