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Alhambra Police Department


The Alhambra police department was established in 1903 and was built at 211 S 1st St Alhambra, California 91801. This police department has been there since and has been serving the beautiful city of Alhambra the entire time. The officers of this amazing police department are dedicated to keeping the streets of the city safe at all times. They all put all of their time into the city, whether it is patrolling the city or it if they are helping with a community service or issue.


Each officer makes it their mission to improve their quality of services by staying constant contact with community leaders to address any problems that may arise among the community. Because the police and the community are in constant contact, the city of Alhambra has been able to change minor laws in order to better serve the community and make it a safer and more pleasant place to live. The Alhambra Police Department has created a unique system that has made apprehending criminals perfectly law abiding while reflecting some shared community values. This unique way of communicating with the public is one of the more innovative ways of protecting the city.


The city of Alhambra has made sure that all of their officers on duty are some of the highest trained individuals possible. Every officer of the Alhambra Police Department must go through the Los Angeles County Police Academy before being considered for the position. Once they are hired, they will then go through some more intense training to ensure that they are completely ready for any situation that may occur in the streets of the city. Every section of the police department must be able to work together in order to make sure that the city is being protected as much as possible. Without great communication within the department, the whole city would be at jeopardy.


The most influential section to the police department is their volunteer department. This department is so important because it allows the public to witness firsthand how things work within the department. This also creates a connection between the community and the police department. It allows residents to break the barrier between them and the police officers that protect them on a daily basis. Thanks to this relationship and the determination of the residents as well as the police officers, the city of Alhambra has become one of the safest cities in the Greater Los Angeles County. For more info please contact Sunrise Bail Bonds Alhambra.

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